We can discuss any number of things on the blog page, but I thought we could start out by talking about the website.  Do you have any questions or concerns?  Any suggestions or corrections?  Do you think this is a good way to foster communication in our class?
Let me know what you think!
October 21, 2014

What do you want to know or say about this website?

Well, I don't think I had this blog set up correctly before, so my apologies to anyone who wanted to blog and could not.  Hope this set up works!

The main questions I have received are about the pictures:
1) Then picture - don't worry about it, I have scanned your Skagina picture and will add it after you have set up your profile
2) How do I add a picture?
You need a current picture of yourself on your computer or your telephone if you are accessing the website from your phone.
If you have a picture on Facebook you want to use and you don't also have it on your computer or phone, you can right click on the picture and copy it to a file on your computer or phone. 
Then when you are in the website setting up your probile, click on the Browse box next to the Now Image.  Then you go to whereever you have stored your photo and click on it there.  That should add it to the website.  The label of the picture will appear in the box next to the Browse.  After it appears you can click n Sumit and your picture should appear.

If you have trouble, email me or make a comment on this blog.   If you can attach the picture you want to an email, I can add it for you.  If we are friends on Facebook, let me know which picture and I can go out and add it for you.  If we make a mistake, it can always be redone.  If we're not friends on Facebook, send me a friends request!
Give me feedback - I'm just learning too.


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Judy Eide Widen on October 25, 2014 3:36 PM
You are doing a Great job!  Thanks so much.  And, this website is terrific. 
It will take me a while to get my stuff together, but I do have some Washington School pictures that I can send right now.  They may need some editting, or at least rotating, so I think I'll send them directly to you, Ann.
More later, 

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