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Group picture Saturday evening thanks to Dan Pedersen

50th Reunion Saturday evening Main Event

Post pictures from the reunion for all to enjoy.  If you can't get them to post, send them to and Ann will put them on for you.

50th Reunion Deception Pass Boat Tour

July 31 58 of us enjoyed a trip through Deception Pass on two boats

50th Reunion Friday Evening Social Reception

Fricay evening July 31 we gathered on the patio of the hotel and started to become reaquainted.  Smiles were everywhere!

50th Reunion Saturday morning breakfast and tour of high school

Saturday morning 50 of us gathered and listened to 10 classmates talk about some of the valuable volunteer work they are doing.
Then even more gathered at the high school to see what has changed (a lot) and what has not at the school.

50th Reunion Sunday Picnic

Picnic at Hillcrest Park

40th Reunion

Pictures from our 40th Reunion in 2005
1985 20th Reunion

Prior reunions, 10, 20, 25, 30, 45

pictures from prior reunions.  For 40 year reunion see separate album.
1953 morning Kindergarten at Roosevelt

Old Grade School Pictures

Kindergarten through 8th grade class photos - please add you class photos if their not already here!  It's fun to see if you can recognize us when we were so young.  Should we have a name that kid contest?
School Principal William E. Gurney

School Staff and Teachers

Pictures of all those people who helped and harrassed us on our way!